Eleni Ikoniadou, 27 November 2014

Title of the Talk: The Virtual Dimension of Sound

When? Thursday 27 November 2014 (17:00-18:30)

Where? Ertegun House, St Giles, University of Oxford

Speaker: Eleni Ikoniadou (Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication, Kingston University)

Abstract: In the age of computational media, sound and its subcultures can offer dynamic ways of accounting for bodies, events, and their perceptions. Particularly in the last decade, an emerging audio culture, crossing both theory and the arts, echoes an attempt to resist the tyranny of ocularcentrism and enable the consideration of new modes of thought. This talk explores the traces and potentialities prompted by the sonic and the engagement that it affords with the speculative and potential aspects of the event. It proposes that a notion of rhythm detached from the idea of counting and regularity can unlock the virtual dimension of sound, coexisting with but not exhausted by what is actually heard, sensed, and consciously perceived.

Speaker Biography: Dr Eleni Ikoniadou’s research looks at the relationship between technology, art and media theory and the capacity of their encounters to generate new concepts and alternative experiences. Her work has appeared in journals and book collections such as Body & Society (forthcoming), Senses and Society (November 2012), Culture Machine (2010), Leonardo (2010) and others. Her first monograph, ‘The Rhythmic Event’, investigates the underlying dimensions of rhythm in experimental sound and media art and was published by The MIT Press Technologies of Lived Abstraction series (eds Brian Massumi and Erin Manning) Summer 2014.


Event hosted as part of the Seminar in Ethnomusicology and Sound Studies Series, based at St John’s College, University of Oxford.

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